1. The Dealer shall forward all warranty-related matters to our Customer Service Department.
2.  Serial Number and Original Invoice must accompany all warranty claims.
3. Customers are responsible for shipping defective parts back to our Spa Support Center. These parts must be packaged correctly in order to protect against any further damage.
4.  All parts are to be shipped by UPS Ground Service - average 2-5 days.
5. All defective parts must be shipped back to our Spa Support Center.  within 30 days of receiving the new replacement parts or warranty will be voided.
6.  Warranty claim will not be honored if Registration form is not received by The Spa Support Center
7.  Any service performed on the product without our Spa Support Center authorization will also void the Warranty
8.  Each service call from the customer will be assigned a Ticket Number. The Ticket Number will stay open until the problem is resolved.